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Volunteering on the 24-Hour
Sexual Assault Support and Information Line

The majority of SACE volunteers work on our 24-Hour Sexual Assault Support and Information Line. These amazing individuals make it possible for the Line to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The role of a support and information line volunteer is to support callers affected by sexual violence, and who may be in crisis, and provide information about resources offered by SACE and within the community.

Why volunteer on the 24-hour Sexual Assault Support and Information Line?

Volunteers provide a fulfilling service to the community while gaining a better understanding of sexual assault and related issues. Many past and current support and information line volunteers feel that their work on the line is a meaningful way for them to positively impact another person’s life.

Volunteers answer calls from home, rather than at a centralized office, making the volunteering experience convenient for all lifestyles!

 “I decided to volunteer because I wanted to be there for those people who really need someone to listen to their feelings. The experience of volunteering on the Crisis Line means more than I could have expected.” -SACE Volunteer

“I continue to volunteer at SACE because after learning so many things that came as a surprise to me (i.e. how prevalent sexual assault actually is, how often children are assaulted, that men can be assaulted), I really wanted to help these people in their journey of healing.” -SACE Volunteer