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INDIGO is an educational program for adult survivors of sexual assault and/or childhood sexual abuse who are on the waitlist for counselling at SACE. Supporters are welcome. While this course does not provide counselling, education about the traumatic effects of sexual violence can be an important first step in the healing process. It can help prepare participants for counselling as well as help supporters understand what their loved ones may be going through.

INDIGO stands for:
Information on counselling
Neuroanatomy /biology of trauma – How does our body respond to trauma, such as sexual abuse or sexual assault?
Definitions of and myths about sexual violence
Impacts of sexual violence
Grounding techniques
Ongoing services offered by SACE

Participants must register for this course. For more information, or to register, please call the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton at 780-423-4102.

* Please note, INDIGO is only offered to clients on the waitlist for counselling at SACE, and their supporters.